Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

Trials suck :p

You get 5 though...because the game was ok...got boring though, should add more to it, like being able to build with rewards you gain through matching..that'd be kick butt. Oh and..no music? :(

ok but not much

i got stuck in it cause im a math science dude but it still was ok
------ p.s(lol)trials do sk

I'm glad I didn't waste my time...

You can only play halfway through this game... It says you can play all levels if you download it. I doubt that...

sorry but

im sorry but this game has been used so many time I dont even like playing the original any more. theres really no way to make this typ of game fun any more.


Its good for a little while then it gets boring..I dont know why anyone would want to pay to get this game either. I give it 5 because it was good for half the time I played it.