Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

Love'd it

So I was 90% of the way through when I was an idiot and open'd a link from an e-mail and it used the same window..... i almost cried. but good fun.

Great game

Great game, gives us the desire to finish it. Just one thing, in Egypt, I passed 2-3 levels without doing anything. It starts and just after you see "Excellent" even if parts of the sun are still in the game

And I though Rome Puzzle was addictive...

Like all the best puzzle games, you sit down and think you'll have five minutes on Rise of Atlantis. Three hours later, on the other hand...

The game brings you in with simple, concise controls and offers plenty of help, and the difficulty curve is fair - by the third age (Egypt) it is obviously tougher than the Phoenician and Babylonian stages, yet there isn't a brutal hike in difficulty, so you won't hit a wall and stop dead out of irritation.

The only probelm seems to be a lack of being able to start where you left off, but that's a minor quibble with such a good puzzle game.

yay :D

very very addictive lol:P
grat stuff:P
even though its pretty much an add to get people to buy the full version

Very cool game ~found glitch though~

Found at random levels. The loading of the stage and then automaticially clearing at about one second later. No stage just a finished sign like: Exelent, or something like that. Happened 2 times to me. another note when i finished a stage, I was waiting for it to go to the next one (the overworld map) it took a minute to fade away the destroyable blocks. Overall a great game. A sequal would be most welcome.