Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

fun pizzle game

cool game, but the ideas a little used up by now dontcha think, but i do like how u mixed it up so its not just another generic swap game. over all really nice job. im sure a lot of people would love this game, but puzzles were never really my thing


This is really good, just one comment: you die when you got no moves left, no matter if you have bonusses or not. With a bonus you could create new moves.

good game

good game, a little easy oh and you have to fix a problem...I was in a level where i had been told that i have no more moves, fair enough but I did have the exchange powerup and i am sure i could have made a move with that.....so just something you should know

yay :D

very very addictive lol:P
grat stuff:P
even though its pretty much an add to get people to buy the full version


This is awsome but I actually don't think you created this game.