Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

just another puzzle game? Maybe not

Enjoyable, and surprisingly hard. The game wants you to download for the "full version." Arrg! I hate that... especially after playing for two hours, hoping to see Atlantis or something like that, but as far as I could tell (after playing all the way through) it had absolutely nothing to do with Atlantis.... Oh yeah, I need to download it for that. Whatever. I felt gipped. I would have scored it higher if I could have seen Atlantis or something like that.


i love this kind of game, its totally hypnotic .thers not only things to line up ,but bombs to collect,timers to use,lightning strikes,it all makes the game more enjoyable.the only problem is thers not enough hours in the day to play your little heart out!! oh,thers also the little thing about clicking shiney helmets til your fingers turn blue....

really fun for a puzzle

this game is really addicting ad not fustrating and i can play it for hours


It's puzzle crack!!! I spent like an hour, the longest i've ever played a puzzle game with out getting frusterated or beating it! This game IS AWSOME!!!!


puzzles are fun! im on crack jk jk