Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

not really "truly unique twists"

i couldnt count the times a game like this has been made. ive never really liked these games and i dont think that many other people do. still, you have made an effort to make it fresh and original. overall, i think you should speng this amount of effort on a more exiting game. then that would be exellent.

Trials suck :p

You get 5 though...because the game was ok...got boring though, should add more to it, like being able to build with rewards you gain through matching..that'd be kick butt. Oh and..no music? :(

boring and easy

This was way to boring and easy. First you have way to much time to complete each level. That sundial thing will always hit right under the pieces you need.


great time killer!!!why not make a fulll online game like these?

i guess its ok? bt repetitive

got quite bored of it athe babylon stage. got a score of 100k over. lol. den istoped playin.. too repetivite. lol.i like the speed at which it drops tho. and the charging thing,