Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"


too long, with too little a reward.

can you earn extra lives?

Well? can you?

great game, but there are bugs...

i've found a bug: at the beginning of a level the game told me that i'm out of time, although i hadn't done anything.

Nevertheless: GREAT GAME! i love the "starshot" feature.

Very cool game ~found glitch though~

Found at random levels. The loading of the stage and then automaticially clearing at about one second later. No stage just a finished sign like: Exelent, or something like that. Happened 2 times to me. another note when i finished a stage, I was waiting for it to go to the next one (the overworld map) it took a minute to fade away the destroyable blocks. Overall a great game. A sequal would be most welcome.

It`s really good!

I just can`t stop comeing back to play again!