Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"


this game is boring as hell plus like its been redone over and over ur not the first one to come up wit this concept.


wow, fun until i got halfway through the game and it told me to download the full version


this game was pretty cool good graphics creative treasure but 1 thing anoyed me. i hate it when levels have the gems or helmets an clams stuff like that are locked. i mean if it wasnt for that i would of got farther and also when you get farther it hets harder cuz th time meter goes down a little quicker. other than that pretty cool game

easy & hard

It was very easy at first, then when I got to Babylon it got much harder. The difficulty curve could use some tweaking.
Also, it's not fair to just take the life when no moves are left - you should give the option to use a powerup first.

YAYO fo my naiso

I like the style of the game, and its very easy to play