Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

Great series!

***I wrote a review on your newer submission, 'Call of Atlantis', and I'd like to take a moment to correct something I wrote there, since I apparently can't edit my review or write a new one. That was the first of your games that I'd played, and when I bounced through the level in under 15 seconds, I was disappointed to see what I thought was an 'end game' advertisement, and didn't look closely enough to realize that there was more demo to play. As I expected, it DOES get more challenging, and deserved a higher score despite being a demo.

I extend my praise to this game as well - they both have an awesome set of graphics, and I'm a fan of switching games like this. The mini games are great for breaking up monotony, and the only real failing is the ease of some as compared to others. The linking game with the symbols, for example.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears you can't lose at this game, at all. I'm not some amazing gameplayer, but even though the game got progressively harder, the available time and extras keep it from being impossible to lose. Given that demo only allows limited understanding of that, it might be that we just don't see the whole scope of it. That's fine.

Other than those minor issues, the are excellent games, keep up the good work.

Please add full version

This is similar to the Around the World in 80 Days - please make it the full version and not a demo.


the gameplay was long, i was two towns away from winning, there was a bug at one of the babylon stages that just skipped it entirely, did i mention too long. Good bejeweled-like game


It's very easy. I didn't even realize there was a time limit until the little power-up insisted there was, and disregarded it afterward. It's oddly rewarding getting insane combos every five seconds, though. It certainly is long, huh.


I sat and played the whole game. Beginning to end. When I was only 2 towns away from the end...it asked me to buy it. Its a damn add. Save yourself the trouble and dont bother.
I loved the game, it is pretty, I like the themes I just wish it was just another add trying to get money out of us ng users. But whatever.
Pretty game, fun game, ending is balls.