Reviews for "The Rise of Atlantis"

Fun but repetative

It was a fun game i loved how the puzzels change shape after each level. but it was still the same thing over and over again

loved it

hi there,

this was an fun and interesting game.
but eventualy it gets bored, maybe you can add some mini games to it. to spice things up.

but as I told before, an interesting game!

Fun! :-)

A fun game, but I was annoyed when I was told I had no more moves and the game automatically removed a life instead of giving me the option of using one of my power-ups. I mean, how was I supposed to *know* I was about to run out of moves?

wow =D

Omg, i was so skeptical about this, but i picked up on it quickly and noticed "Hang on, this is like bejeweled" so okay, it's a tired concept, but a refreshing twist and definitely mentally stimulating and addictive gameplay. I Got to Babylon Four before i stopped and decided to review because i couldn't get the last artifact piece out. FANTASTIC twist on the concept. Keep these fantastic games coming!

Wow that is completely insane

Thats one kickass puzzle game. I am addicted to it, man. Wow. Really cool man, I like it. I hope you make more games, cuz this is awesome. I like when I get major combs I keep getting them non stop even when I got the pieces. But it will get harder as I go, I know it.

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5