Reviews for "Super Hero Clock"

This is shocking

Do you plan to do this whole series on your own? I have to say you have done a remarkable job on this introduction to the new series...this is the first flash ever...out of my 3 damn years in NG that I actually cant wait for the next episode of.

I'm giving you a 10/10 because your artwork is appealing, your animation is smooth and clean, the music fits in, and the storyline is something that I don't think someone would want to miss.

I can't think of anything else to say really. If you need any support at all, i'll do the best I can.


That hero was something different a clock never tought of that one :D
anywayz i understand that he can only turn to super hero clock at 02:10 at night obviously thats also a cool thing because that means he has some weaknesses
anyway keep up the good work the animation was great i want to see more !


new animai series here we come all i want to know is how in the hell does the clock do that lol

p.s. can i have the clock


complete and good


you GOT to make a series....I mean...who is the hero...the guy....or the clock??