Reviews for "Super Hero Clock"

I loved it.

It was great. When the glowing clock showed up beneath their feet i felt a tingle go up my spine. I would love to see more if you are going to make some.

Very Awesome, Reminescent of Guyver

Your skills are coming along nicely, it was very smooth, it sorta reminded me of the old anime the Guyver, and the Super Sentai series. Though, don't listen to Migel, he's a sad little gimcrack who doesn't know how to enjoy stuff. Is it possible that you're wanting in on the clock crew? : D The art was nice, it also reminded me of Azumanga Daioh (mainly from the girl) Keep up the good work! Hope you got more plans to swarm the portal with your ideas.

time cool

its cool

The only problem...

...is that it was too short. Or rather, it needs sequels. This was very well done.


I Loved it . has a good feel to it and makes you want to see more ^_^ HINT HINT