Reviews for "Super Hero Clock"


you need to make more, you're a great flash animator!


Oh. My. God! I so like this! man man man, make a series! I beg you! =)
The manga-like style fits the movie very well. The best clock-related movie EVER!
this pwnz j00!

you got 5/5 and 10/10 mate!


it watchs you! even when you dump!!!!

great presentation and animation good job!

This was better than I thought it'd be.

This was awesome. I think you should make this a series, actually. The animation is really good! Seriously, what did you use to make that art? The music was great, really action-y. This is a great idea, I think it might eventually become a collection on NG. Keep up this great work! And congrats on the front page, you deserve it.


realy nice good sound
make me more xD