Reviews for "Super Hero Clock"


the animation was simplistic but really awesome!

also, he needs MOAR CAPE. superhero must = cape :D

and episode 2. what superhero doesnt have a sequel? :P


AMAZING! The delivery, animation and quality of this movie is just phenominal. The effort you put into this could make it one of the greatest movies in the flash portal! Music, syncing, action, story telling, graphics, animation. You captured fear in the face of the robber, something that i haven't seen done well in flash movies. I loved the special move thing Clockman did.

Never have i seen spandex look so cool! (hehe)

You are amazing! 5/5

One of the coolest things I've ever seen

This super hero is too cool to be a member of the clock crew. He's even cooler than Spider-Man!

The visuals, were great

I can truly tell you put alot of time and effort into this and for that i comend you, This was an amazing flash, Thank You


Nice animated, cool concepts on his abilities. Also I enjoyed the quality on the lady :D