Reviews for "Super Hero Clock"

This is one of the strangest things I've watched here! You know why? I have seen hundreds if not thousands of submissions about clocks. They were all about the Clock Crew! I had no idea it was even possible to get something else about clocks here. The animation was great.

This really is a clock themed superhero. The music is fantastic! It didn't need dialogue. This is actually one of the most popular clock flashes on the whole website! That alone is worth loving this.

Man this should be a series!

As being somewhat new to this site, all I am at privilege to say is that its animators like you that have been the flame to my moth that I call curiosity.

Of the five flashes I'm currently reviewing,this is easily the second-best of them.The animation may be simple,but everything else is excellent and thrilling.If I didn't know better,I would have sworn this is an actual TV cartoon.If there's more to come from this,I eagerly await it as a reviewer and a fan.

There's something so freakin special about ur animations! Dude it's so exciting