Reviews for "Super Hero Clock"

Dun't knuw

I don't know... :D

Wonderfully done

I especially like how he doesn't seem to realize the whole 'hero' thing. I also enjoy the 'silent protagonist' angle.


This movie rates in my top ten on Newgrounds. I also liked the implementation of "Final Fantasy II" stop level 16.

A refreshing flash

Good to see an animation about clocks NOT involving a dumbass piece of fruit. (no offence to you fans of strawberry clock and his crew) But its good and the sound effects were great the music fit this flash way better then most music does flashes. The best part for me was when the giant neon clock appeared and we could hear what sounded like big ben going off. That was truley awesome. 10/10 for animation 10/10 for music 10/10 for action and 10/10 for overall greatness.

Jess-The-Dragoon responds:

Thank you so much for the great review. For your info, I've got the first episode underway and I uploaded a higher quality of the original animation to youtube and vimeo. Episode 1 info can be found at www.superheroclock.com. :)


youve got a cute heroine.