Reviews for "Super Hero Clock"

Great Story

Although Im a little suspicious now about what the guy below said since the song used was submitted in 2005. But then again, you have your own website, so I dont know what to say.

not a new addition

i seen this back in 2004-05. this was catagoriezd as a newer vid. This is untrue. This is a very OLD vid that was submitted to newgrounds a long ass time ago. I havnt been on Newgrounds for many years but this is a video that was one of my favorites. I even remember a Newgrounder that didnt understand why it showed the kid going to sleep and then waking up with the clock. i informed him that it basically meant that the kid had another personality when he slept.

So i havent checked into this yet but im hoping newgrounds or the creator of this vid resubmitted it to bump an old skool video up so the newer grounders can see it. However if its someone else that took an old video and trying to take credit. i will be upset.

Jess-The-Dragoon responds:

If you could pm me the name of the old vid you were talking about, I'd be glad to watch it because I'd like to see the animation which I never copied the idea from.


Something you get when an animation is epic in every way!

Well Done, Highly Recommended!

Excellent! I was really expecting some nonsensical, not funny, fruit related satire, instead I find a genuinely fun to watch and awesomely cinematic video!

I greatly recommend watching this, fellows!

very interesting

i wanna see more :D make more with this super hero. :3 you can go a long way with him