Reviews for "Super Hero Clock"

very good

this should be a tv show, or a comic book

Very Good Animation

The animation was very smooth and well made, many cool parts and most of all it was random!


the animation was good and so were the colors,the music gave this flash life and the plot was good as the clock gave the boy powers, but were did the clock come from? the characters were good as in the robbers they weren't your ordernary bad guys they actually were pretty bad ass,and the hero was pretty cool for the fact that the clock takes over his body in order to take down the bad guys and then the hero douse not remember anything that was pretty cool.i like the part wen the bad guys shot the hero and the music stoped giving us a sense of death.overall 9/10


Too cool to be true.

I watched this 4 years ago...

I was like 11 back then. Even now I'm still stunned. I'd like to work with you once if possible haha.