Reviews for "Super Hero Clock"



bloody awesome

this was the most awesome clock flash I ever seen!

THIS IS AWESOME! Simply Beautiful

What I wouln't give to have a clock like that, this is something I have watched time and time again, the music is great, and it makes sense, I loved the way that the author used the hands of the clock as weapons, and the power to bend space and time would be pretty useful, many many kudos. I loved it. It had a beautiful mood, and the best part, You didnt need words to understand it. simply Beautiful.


I love the fight scene. Most flash movies do one clip at a time. Like a punch, then the screen flashes, then a kick, etc. But I love how this was actually a scene.

Eeeexelent (Said in Mr. Burns' voice)

The person before me took the words right out of my mouth I also am not normaly into that kinda thing but you definitly did a good job and i loved the fight scence