Reviews for "Super Hero Clock"

Continue like that!

Seriously... continue to do thing like that plus putting musics from Dimrain47 is nice too! You should elaborate on this super hero clock!

Very Clean!

Awesome!! Plain and simple! Well drawn and man I'm digging the tunes! Excellent work! Please make this a series and never stop making them!!


I like the action and the sequences were drawn amazingly. I would like to see more of a story line and how the kid begun to use his power. Or even how he acquired such powers. Good music as well, keep it up!

good action but...

the action was great , and good animation, but a superhero with those powers cold kill them without blink and become the of earth, another stupid shonen, but still the action and music was great


Really great action scenes. Hope the next one is just as good...or maybe better...