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Reviews for "Blue (Puzzle)"

a challenge for a challenge

like the summary says, it hard,but fun really like the sounds and music, good job hope to see more of you're work in the future!

Kajenx responds:

Cool, thanks!


The colours and music really portray a calm feeling, even when you get extremly angry and annoyed. It's a great balance.
A excellant and somewhat different version of the light on/off game, I liked it.
It's good to have a puzzle game here and there. It keeps the mind sharp.

Kajenx responds:

Hey, that's what I was hoping! Glad you liked it!

this sucks

good game but my computer is messing up on it


Sometimes it glitches that as soon as you click a level your move count goes to 0 or 2
but its a good idea


nice take on the lights out game. cool idea to make the selected piece affect the surrounding pieces differently than the default cross pattern.