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Reviews for "Blue (Puzzle)"

Gets harder..

Got stuck at 18, not bad tho.


This game is awesome


I love these games.
But their so bloody hard..
Walkthrough maybe?

4/5 9/10
I liked it, but maybe I'm just not good at them :(

Great game

maybe it's not on the front page because people find it too hard.
Well, i suck at these kinds of games and i find this one very hard, but it's still a great game, chalenging ^_^
Oh and nice background music :D
keep up the good work

...Oh wow.

Why does this have a 3.21? This is one of the greatest puzzle games I have ever seen, and yet the concept is so simple. This is an amazingly clever twist on the classic 'Lights Out' style game. I'm currently a bit befuddled by level 18, but I was quite pleased that you threw in some more complicated patterns, especially where the ball changes between 1x3 and 3x1. Later on, does the ball ever switch squares non-symmetrically? Regardless, great game!