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Reviews for "Blue (Puzzle)"


A nice relaxing puzzle. Has a few glitches but other than that it's a good one, though I'm not a fan of these type of games :)

Good, but glitchy :X

I always like the "light-up" puzzle games, and yours is no exception. However, there are two glaring bugs that prevent me from giving this game a higher score.
1. When a new puzzle begins, sometimes the left-and-right movement of the ball doesn't work: that is, pressing on the left and right arrow keys will not make the ball move left or right. This is fixed by moving the ball down or upwards slightly before placing it back where it started and trying to move sideways again. It's an irritating phenomenon but very minor.
2. This is the big one. Sometimes, when a puzzle starts, the game moves the ball where it should be starting, yet it does so as if you were playing and takes off moves for every tile change. This is a problem because some of the puzzles get completely messed up by this, while others have all of their moves used up before you actually play, taking you back to the level select screen. To the players, if you don't know how to fix it, just go to another puzzle and come back to the glitched one. It should correct itself by then.
Other than these bugs, the game is solid. If you fix those bugs you'll garner a higher score from me, and in the process make this game even better.

Kajenx responds:

That's really bizarre, I don't have any idea why that would happen for you, lol. Sounds kind of crazy.

nice game

This is one of those games that really can get your brain working. I personally like that in a game so all 10 thumbs up from me.


I click on a level, right now I was click 2 for a test, and it just moves the ball wherever... I cant fucking play.. fix that shit and it was good, but until then.. needs work


nice take on the lights out game. cool idea to make the selected piece affect the surrounding pieces differently than the default cross pattern.