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Reviews for "Blue (Puzzle)"


Sometimes it glitches that as soon as you click a level your move count goes to 0 or 2
but its a good idea

Love it or hate it

This game is like marmite, you love it or hate. i, personally, loved it. Its weird, i want to stop playing it but i can't. Great game and horribly addictive.

im sorry, but ive seen this before

i played this as a handheld game a while back. so i went throughe the first 7 puzzles only failing 1 time and said this is boring, why am i doing this. admitedly a couple of them i got lucky, but... been there, done that. 3/10

stay out of my head!!!

seriously though.... stop making me do things I don't think about

ok, but i found glitches

i found gliches in the game, fix that

Kajenx responds:

Like what...?