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Reviews for "Flying Battery Zone (GaMetal)"


you are one of the awesome things that exist in the world this is just awesome!

Love them all!

I have yet to find a remix of yours I can't listen to.

this is my faillure

between parts 00:32-00:48 is my favourite part from this song but i have no clue what is the isntruments in that part so---no wait, am i stupid it's keyboards that makes that part so good...you said the answer to me before even seeing this message

I accidentally my ears.

Both my ears!

My ears. My ears are smiling. Why the hell haven't I ever seen your stuff on OCR? D:

Regardless, this is amazing. FBZ was one of my all time favorite zones almost exclusively due to the music, and this does it so much justice.

man...your a true god

simply ever song is beyond amazing...well done!!!