Reviews for "That's My Fulp 12"

I love this series

Don't ever stop.

Hah,going to war.

That was an interesting episode with Tom finding out that Ebaums stole flashes from him and Wade and company deciding to go to war against him and blowing up the building it was quite funny especially the Tankman,good episode.

I like

I've watched most of the That's My Fulp, so it helps to have seen other ones. I thought the part with eBaum's website with the music was funny. Could it have been funnier, yes; is it a bit funny though, yes. Plus the fact that you kill Eric Bauman, makes me like it a little more, so good job.


MaddFlash2 responds:

Yea it does help to watch the entire series. Thanks for the support.

Good flash!

Wouldve liked better sound and smoother animation but the story, as old and worn out as it is, was still fun to watch. Negative points for killing Happycat though!

Go Newgrounds!

Yeah NG, kick eBaum's sorry face in with a shovel!

The story was pretty good, but it was a bit slow.

great job!