Reviews for "That's My Fulp 12"


i like your effort but the mouth was way off if you upd the graphics and made the voices maybe not so borish this would be a good cartoon but as it is nah


lol that was hialrious! keep it up

I love this series

Don't ever stop.


THIS WAS ACTUALLY PRETTY COOL! i havnt seen alot of good stuff on newgrounds recently, but this series is pretty cfunny, its simple, funny, and makes the guys from newgrounds look like retards! OH I GOT IT! MAKE ONE ABOUT NEWGROUNDS VS GOOGLE OR EBAY! lolololololololol

Good but.

-1 for killing Happy Cat. Happy Cat is from YTMND and eBaums and those fags from Myspace stole it and rebranded it as "Rude Kitty" and copyrighted it.

Good funny movie though. Fuck eBaums.