Reviews for "Wanted! Part 1"


Its wonderfull. Everything is great. You'Re really good at graphics, and u used music well. so, its awesome.

chouji7 responds:

wow, for some reason i rlly wasnt expecting a review like this! mustve jsut been my pesimist attitude.
thanks for the great review!

Short isn't the word for it...

You call this short? I know midgets who are taller that this! Well, I guess it was ok since it was 9.9 MB, but if a flash is only 10 seconds long, you really need to work on compressing the file size. The drawings were pretty nice for a stick movie though.

Fairly well done, just find a way to compress those .swf's!

chouji7 responds:

if you know ANY ways of compressing .swf files please PM me i will appreciate it greatly, and if it works, than we might even be seeing this made into a whole movie, one big piece!


Part one was only like 5 seconds? How was this approaching 10 mb, where you doing each frame with 10 bitmaps? I liked the 3d effect panning around the room and it seemed like it would have been really cool if it was longer.

chouji7 responds:

i wish like hell i couldve made it longer! but as i mentioned a 100 MB .fla file is very hard to work with, and i actually had to narrow this down, when i finished the .swf file was 11 MB, i reorganized it as much as possible and got it down to 9.9 MB.
but not a second goes by i dont wish i couldve made it longer.

What is here is very nice!

I really like what's here and i know it must have taken ages, but if you wait and work harder and harder write more of a plot you never know where it could go, you have a lot of style and a lot of potential! keep up the good work, try again and good luck

Not bad, Not bad

Evan if your not very modest lol. The graphics and style ill admit were very cool and i just like to ask how many layers did you use and did you use a full mp3? Cause those things can be avoided....