Reviews for "Wanted! Part 1"

How was this such a huge movie?

It literally lasted less than fifteen seconds! Why did I have to wait ten minutes for it to load? Did you use a WAV file for the music track? Did you hide another thirty minute movie in there? I'm giving this a big old zero for the plain fact that you wasted that much bandwidth on something so simple- it takes two seconds to optimize a sound file in Flash. I'm giving you one star because you are special and deserve a star. I can't even pretend to understand how you managed to turn this into a 100 MB fla file.


*Cough* ... Crap

Not gonna watch part 2

Your drawings, well weren't the best and you know some people shouldn't do flash. I'm one of them. But at least I know it.

incrediably short!

this is most possibly one of the most shortest movies on newgrounds...
the wall and the bar was really well drawn but...bloody hell if someone blincked while watching this movie it would already be over!

improvements: make it longer or make the next 1 longer!


10mb for a few seconds? thats crazy! It looks like the idea behind the movie might be good and that 3D-ish effect must have taken a while to do but how did it take up so much space? did you build that brick wall out of individual bitmaps? Hate to criticise someone especially when they put a lot of effort into it but it really does need improving. I hope in part two you have sorted out the probs and i look forward to seeing it. good luck