Reviews for "Wanted! Part 1"


It wasn't really that graphically intense. I like your perspective though, very nice. But, where'd all that space go to? Lemme guess, you didn't compress your audio. Plus it was pretty short, can ya make part 2 a lot longer?

chouji7 responds:

yes, i plan on it, and yes, everything is compressed, if you look closely you will se extreme details in the wood(bar, doors, etc) and the brick wall cost me one of my ballz to make, look closely at that too and you will see extreme detail.
thanks for the review though, unless it gets clogged up like part one, part two should be alot better.


I geuss the graphics were ok, but how did that thing end up being 10MB!?!?
it goes for about 15 seconds!


graphically intense... not quite

lol the hundred mil bounty..

make it longer.

chouji7 responds:

glad to see you noticed that. and as mentioned i wish i couldve made it longer, but you will jsut have to wait for part two.


I read that it was short, but I wasn't expecting it to be THAT short. Maybe work on it a little more before you submit it? Other than the fact that it wasn't long enough to actually catch someone's eye, the graphics and stuff were pretty good! Keep working.

that sucked

what the hell did i just watch?!?!