Reviews for "Wanted! Part 1"


I geuss the graphics were ok, but how did that thing end up being 10MB!?!?
it goes for about 15 seconds!

What is here is very nice!

I really like what's here and i know it must have taken ages, but if you wait and work harder and harder write more of a plot you never know where it could go, you have a lot of style and a lot of potential! keep up the good work, try again and good luck

Not bad, Not bad

Evan if your not very modest lol. The graphics and style ill admit were very cool and i just like to ask how many layers did you use and did you use a full mp3? Cause those things can be avoided....


10mb for a few seconds? thats crazy! It looks like the idea behind the movie might be good and that 3D-ish effect must have taken a while to do but how did it take up so much space? did you build that brick wall out of individual bitmaps? Hate to criticise someone especially when they put a lot of effort into it but it really does need improving. I hope in part two you have sorted out the probs and i look forward to seeing it. good luck

Come on man..

This.. this.. this.. is just crap.. sorry... OMG "p.s. Its Short! I Know, But Your Gonna Have To Deal With It. because I Put Alot Of Effort Into Making All The Drawings Look Excellent ." ?! You can't be serious..