Reviews for "Fight Club Compilation"

Very happy..

..to see you still animating justin. It's been a while..

The animation was ace, no faults anywhere. The physics on broken objects were top notch. And the fighting effects, sounds and movments were all 10/10. Great job, I hope to see more soon :D


fine but nothing that great

it was pretty action packed but the music wasnt that great or went with the scene. i thought some parts were kinda of funny even if they werent trying to be funny yea buts ok maybe some different music

good but why

i like it,
the animation was good,
the only thing i don't get is,

continue with the good work

not bad

itis really good put for fight #1 the music doesn't really go wwell with the scene

My god Justin.

That was a peace of sex.

Great style, great action.
Great backgrounds, great sounds.

Its great!
Love it, seriously.