Reviews for "Fight Club Compilation"

holy shit

these are some of the best fight animations I've ever seen. The effects on that one guy's hand extending and growing were really cool. I'd like to see more of your stuff, but hopefully longer bouts againsst either more evenly matched opponents, or one guy against like 50 people. Good stuff

Exceding Expectations

Well, I do have to say, I did like this. Now, there's a reason why I didn't rate this a 10 or a nine. These are just too short, though they both show huge potential. Especially file 3. That one impressed me the most. I'd build that one up, maybe add a little more fighting, and put in a little more music. Really, that is my only gripe in this, and I hope to see some more in the future!

VERY NICE! how much?

I liked it a lot, original concept to it I know that much! Nice choice with the Beatles too. I was actually surprised at how well "I want to hold your hand" went with a fight scene.

It's good but...

you had 2 movies on that and they were #1 and #3 why isn't there a #2?

fight club??

that wasnt anything like fight club
but it was AWSOME!!!!
so it doesnt matter
i think to be called a compilation it should be like 5 or more
and there were only 2
please make more