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Reviews for "jump and die"

Pretty pointless, and kinda stupid

But I laughed. Good show.

not bad

It was pretty enjoyable, being that its your first flash its better then most of the other first timers as well. Keep up the work and i hope to see something in a higher quality next time

Good stuff...

There are two things that I really enjoy watching here on NG. Stick figure movies and bobbies!!! Maybe make an interactive one where people can drop stick figures from the sky and they go splat on stuff.

A good start

My knowledge of flash is limited, but I think you have made a good start toward being a fine flash artist. You don't see many 12-year-olds posting here, so I commend you on that.

I you had some nice effects, and colored sitck figures here and there for variety. Though the idea wasn't exactly original, we all have to start somewhere. The individual animations after the credits were cool and added a nice touch!

-I would have liked to see more color. The cliffs, rock, and background were all white. It would have been nice to have a blue sky, some gray rocks, or even a few clouds. Just a bit of color and background substance to flesh it out.
-Also, the Naruto music was typical of this kind of flash. Find something original on the audio portal on NG; it will make the flash less generic and give the audio artists some exposure!

Overall, good job! Keep posting more, and become more experienced. I am excited to see you improve as a flash artist here on NG! :D


It had some decent stick animation but there was a much more detailed stick fight released earlier today that'll cause you some competition.