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Reviews for "jump and die"

Pretty good.

- Pros -
Nice, smooth animation.
- Cons -
Could have had better music.
= Suggestions =
I think using the line tool works best for animating sticks.

mraznbuddy responds:

"I think using the line tool works best for animating sticks."
that make a lot of sense lol. but i dont get how to go it. like when i always try the lines dont join together TT_TT i need a tutorial on it

pretty good

there have been alot like these but its still pretty good
was that song for Bleach or Naruto, i had a brain fart and cant remember

Not that bad.

Very interesting, the only major problem I had with the flash was that the file loading screen didn't appear until a little while of waiting. Keep exploring flash and in time the quality of your skills will increase.

Stupid but funny

It was ok it was pretty funny but a little kiddish

Good stuff...

There are two things that I really enjoy watching here on NG. Stick figure movies and bobbies!!! Maybe make an interactive one where people can drop stick figures from the sky and they go splat on stuff.