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Reviews for "jump and die"


Awesome, nice go! Im also 12 and my animations look like crap! Keep it up!


Haha good animation, i like the few that seemed to be ok then died randomly from just standng up :P. Make a longer higher quality version and it'd to well :)

Wow, impressive

I think that this is awesome for a 12 year old. I'm 14, and all my submissions are crappy and get blammed 1 minute after submission, I didn't realize people as young as you could have this talent. Way to go, I really enjoyed watching this!

Nothing special but silly and fun

Not anything too special. But still a nice little short to watch if you have a minute or two. It could be more? Decent for a first non the less.


good job but the song shoulda been somtin like let the bodes hit the or somtin likethat woulda suited the anation better but very funny great job (oh and dante224 every uses to be continued dont act like it was stolen from you pay more atension to things and you might notice) over all great job mraznbuddy!!!