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Reviews for "jump and die"

Good stuff...

There are two things that I really enjoy watching here on NG. Stick figure movies and bobbies!!! Maybe make an interactive one where people can drop stick figures from the sky and they go splat on stuff.

getting there

o noes! another stick cartoon with naruto intro music in the background ( T_T)
oh well *sigh*

its ok, needs some work to be perfect, good to see some one uses the brush tool when keyframing <3 i would prefer some more crazy fighting tho (i mean like INSANE battles) but meh it dont matter ( >_<)

overall - its canny good but you do ned something to set it apart from all the other hundreds of stick fighting cartoons (yet we all start by drawing these)
( ^_^) 2/5

Not bad

It wasn't boring. Definetly amusing. I liked how you had more than one stick person going at once. Or they'd swing around. It was worth hitting 'watch this movie'. :)

Pretty good.

- Pros -
Nice, smooth animation.
- Cons -
Could have had better music.
= Suggestions =
I think using the line tool works best for animating sticks.

mraznbuddy responds:

"I think using the line tool works best for animating sticks."
that make a lot of sense lol. but i dont get how to go it. like when i always try the lines dont join together TT_TT i need a tutorial on it


Awesome, nice go! Im also 12 and my animations look like crap! Keep it up!