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That was such an awesome game! i kept playing it until i accidentally pressed abandon which sucked ass :( :( :( the music was really good and i even thought the graphics were good. they were simple but it fits really good with this game. it was really hard and i died lots of times :P i was thankful that u could buy more lives! the only thing i thought u could have done was add checkpoints where u could buy permanent weapons. other than that, it was perfect!


Rhythm-based games have recently been made in abundance on NG, and I can say with absolute confidence that you've perfected the genre with this game. It never lags if the quality is set right, there is a large variety of enemies, and, most of all, it's tons of fun.

Excellent job, and keep it up.

Coolio-Niato responds:

Thanks =

Another Great Game!

Don't listen to devex... this is NOT a rip off of Geometry Wars! This sequel really made this a "true" game. It's not over in fifteen minutes or less, and the challenge is there (especially those boss stages... even better than some final bosses from console games!). The only things I can think of that would put this game into the history of the portal are a few things:

LESS LAG ON MORE BROWSERS- An obvious thought, but the game lags somewhat on some lesser known browsers such as Firefox. Best gameplay seems to come from IE.
DOWNLOADS- Where is the freaking download option?! This game rocks! Also playing straight from the computer (NOT the browser) will reduce lag considerably.
Wii FUNCTIONALITY?- After hearing some tunes from F-Zero, I thought that this would really please the Nintendo buffs (like me). That and this would be a game that may get the eyes of some developers if things go well.
MORE, MORE MUSIC TRACKS!- Need I say more?
MP3 PLAYER MODE- Would be nice if the game could recognize MP3 tracks from outside sources and make custom stages! But that's getting into some extreme programming.

This is an incredible game itself, and should be going into several favorites pages. Oh yeah, let me reiterate something... THIS IS NOT A GEOMETRY WARS RIP OFF!! Besides, I own Retro Evolved :P


It was fantastic, Since my computer is terrible I couldn't play the whole thing, sorry.
Over all, it was a joy. Seeing the spawn match the beat made me be, " Ohhh, SWEET!"
like and crap, well done man, well done.

good job

the game is hard and fun good job, my advice is to kill as many things as you can when u die