Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"


awesome game just like the first, the laser blaster rocks but the music could of been a lil better so... 7

Good Idea

The screen for gamplay needs to be bigger. In some of the more exciting moments, I find myself jerking the mouse out of the frame as I frantically dodge. I then frantically die. Also, I think you need more varieties of music, even though it takes more time. ALot of this music is the same stuff u used in your last game, anyway. I also think that bosses other than just a snake would be nice.

Overall a good job, but it could be improved upon.


this wasnt one of my favs of your games. I found it a little to hard. and it wasnt lag free (although i have a crappy celeron) but it was a cool idea.

alot o lag...

i was getting alot of lag...but nevertheless a good game

it's cool and all...

but i mean it's really not a rythm game, more of an arcade game with good sound sync. but it is pretty fun and i love the music, overall you did a really good job, it's just not that great to me. maybe if when you hit certain shapes it made a certain sound or something, that would be cool, then just keep all the sound in that scale and it would probably work out, i don't know i was just thinking it would be more entertaining to play but it ended up more entertaining to watch. but that's just me, keep up the good work though you put a lot of effort into it and it's really well made, just not what i thought i guess ha ha peace man!