Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

no lagging, eh?

great game, but it still lags on my computer. try to make the next one a little less complex, or have a low-detail option so it will run on any computer, even a slow one like mine


Cool game I wonder if u make a new game, Can u add these songs?:

Battlefield Rec0il remix- Dj Rec0il
Remove police- Ultrasherriff
Intruder alert 1.0- Dj Rec0il
[Intensity g-R]- g-r4ve


it was a bit hard. i couldnt wait to get to guitar vs. piano

Only the music is really good.

Otherwise it's a below average shooter game that is WAY too hard and enemies are too fast and powerful. I didn't even notice what was happening sometimes and I hated how the music stopped when I died all the time...


it lags heaps for me, making it hard to play