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Nice job

This game is alot of fun not like ur basic dodge and shoot but has alot of mix to it i like how when u die everythign stops and u get to move that really tight gread job on this


Very nice game


Too much color, too much fun.
I had a fun time blasting with the music. xD

Coolio-Niato responds:

Glad you enjoyed it xD


i enjoyed this much more then the last one.... i think it might be because of the continues your aloud to have for yuor points.. very nice

Nice game, But seriously frustrating.

Although it is a fun game I have a few problems with it. For one there is WAY to much shit on screen flying at you too fast. I counted like 40 guys during a pause, 5 of them were those seeking drone things that can attack you from behind. This would be OK if my triple shot did not disappear because I got blind sided by one of the many things on screen.

The other problem is that some of those power ups are useless. The laser blast does not do damage half of the time, and the triple shot only lasts for a limited time, Not enough to even up the odds, also because you can loose power ups if you die sucks. I spent well over 200'000 points on continues because there is just so much stuff attacking me. It's hard to focus on them all.

These problem are compounded by your slow firing cannon. If it was a near stream of bullets this might be less frustrating. But because of all the shit on screen it is near impossible to hit most of them.

My final problem is that the bosses are impossible to do without loosing a few lives. The boss alone is annoying considering it goes to the bottem of the screen a lot where you can't shoot it. Add in the extra minions shooting at you and it is REALLY hard to avoid dying once.

Honestly I liked the bonus games better because I did not die constantly. Did not like if I messed up it was over. But still liked it none the less.

However some good points.

You have good taste in music, I was loving the music, Hating the dying and the pause in the music, But loved the music.

The graphics, Perfect. Looks all digital and stuff.

Now for a break down of the scores.

Gameplay: 2/3:
Way too much shit on screen!

Sound: 2/2:
Great music!

Graphics: 2/2:

Entertainment value: 1/2:
Fun game. If your not dying every 10 seconds.

Personal Recommendation point: 0/1:
No bonus point. I personally do not like the fact that there is just so much shit on screen and that your cannon thing is the only thing you have most of the time.

Overall: 7/10:

Like I said. Good game, But the fact that there is upwards of 30+ guys on screen a lot, your slow cannon, and few power-ups that you get to fully use is a slight pain in the ass for me.