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Great Rhythm

The only problem I can point out is that there is no way to lower Quality (or at least I haven't been able to find a way). It was fine until the second level, where I found myself having to cease fire just to have an idea wherethe enemies are, as when I shot, everything, well, lagged. I've been trying to aviod saying that, but yes there was lag. But i think a Quality control button - or anything of the sort - will be enough to remedy this situation. It's still a good game though!

Coolio-Niato responds:

Pressing P to pause, and changing quality there.

Awesome game.

This is really where all that hard work pays off. This is truly a great game and made very well. Even with how simple the graphics are the game seems to look good. Even with the overused idea, the game is fun and addictive. And even with the difficultity and how easy you die the game is good. Everything in this game is done so well, this really reminds me of some of Tom's work in particular. This game is his quality work. Very nice job. Ps: Tom dosent put flash on the front page.

Pretty fun

It's a really fun game,I also like the way it lets you continue at the cost of your points.But it's to easy.

Cool Arcade Game!!

I think its like an arcade gme (and I thi8nk it already is) but like almost everyone sais its TOO hard well I made the whole game!!!

12 Very colourful levels and the boss fights were kinda easy but I lost the most lifes vs the first boss though!

And me I loved the bonuslevels They Are the rockiest!! I was shocked when I saw the first bonusgame come up I was like wow... The last one rocked the most hehe.

Well everybody knows that Coolio-Niato loves {Rose} ( tha I also like too)
Thts why in every one of his rythm or musicgames he puts in the {Rose} song that is great!!

If someone wanna know my score and rank n all that stuff well here goes :

Rank :279 Name: //Damon163 Score: 1,347,075

Not bad at all.

Kept my attention for a little while, and ooh look! Upgrades!