Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

Great game, very good.

Yes, this was a great game, I love all the aspects to it, and I really, REALLY enjoy games like these, this lightened up my day, I actually have fun.

Well, thanks.

its draws you in

it really does you sit and play a little bit then the tunes catch your ear then u just get right in to the game and play for awhile and for some hours its defintly a game i would come back to play on those days were i just wanna kill time Xd good job man


yeah yeah its ok its a bit repetative thoe

Very good.

I loved the music and the beat and how everything came together in the game.
I don't leave very many comments but I had to on this one please improve and dish out another one with even more great music.

Way to go!
Thanks for the fun

A little too easy.

This game is very good but a bit too easy. My main gripe is that you can kill stuff after you die. Maybe the enemies should be invunerable while they are stopped.