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This game brought tears to my eyes...

...but in a good way! This game is beyond any number system! The pulsing rhythm is what spawns the enemies in this Galaga style shooter, giving its player a pulse to play by as the beats get more complex. The pick ups are great, and the music is awesome. Normally, at this point I would say what is wrong with this game...but I am so awe-struck that I cannot finish this review! As if there was anything wrong with it in the first plaace! Later! Gotta get back to playing this game!


It was fantastic, Since my computer is terrible I couldn't play the whole thing, sorry.
Over all, it was a joy. Seeing the spawn match the beat made me be, " Ohhh, SWEET!"
like and crap, well done man, well done.

good job

the game is hard and fun good job, my advice is to kill as many things as you can when u die


This game is put together very well.
The songs are totally in sync to the game play, and I am addicted.
The power-ups keep me going, and it helps me out a lot.
The songs in the game are very great songs to, quite catchy,
Thanks for fixing the Mac Glitch, I don't have a Mac, but I want everybody to play and experience RhythmBlaster V2! :D


you a awsome game maker and music maches it!