Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

WAHEY, no.66 in highscore!

Loved it. Much better than the first one. Although it was dead difficult, the continue system made it enjoyable, and not tedious. Great ideas in there and some original concepts. Why shouldn't I give you 10?

that was soo cool!

it would be better if you could choose the song or stage you would want to play again..

a little too easy

its WAS the best rhythm game ive ever played yet it was a little too easy. the fact tht you get to get 3 more lives for ONLY 25,000 was the easy part. i mean if you lasted only like 20 secs you get 25,000 easy. you should make a game solely on the maneuver parts of the game. like the missions right after you beat the boss. those were the bomb.

Surprisingly good!!!

This game is simple but is soooooo much fun. Good Job!!!!!!


this is one of the best music games evr created ALL MY 5Z FOR THES