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this is crazy and dum

it's cool and all...

but i mean it's really not a rythm game, more of an arcade game with good sound sync. but it is pretty fun and i love the music, overall you did a really good job, it's just not that great to me. maybe if when you hit certain shapes it made a certain sound or something, that would be cool, then just keep all the sound in that scale and it would probably work out, i don't know i was just thinking it would be more entertaining to play but it ended up more entertaining to watch. but that's just me, keep up the good work though you put a lot of effort into it and it's really well made, just not what i thought i guess ha ha peace man!

Nice game

Reminds me of a few classic games, nice set up...


A good game! I've been wanting to make a bullet hell like this, but without the ability to shoot...

There's a bit of a bug where when the screen's red you can still kill enemies. This is especially cheap for bosses...just sit underneath the boss, whack away and stay in constant freezetime, pressing 'ok' whenever you run out of lives- and that's another thing, infinite lives...

Very good!

A bit laggy, but very fun. And perfectly synced. W00T!!