Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

nice BUT

there is still a bug in the bonus level :: when the game becomes fast i hit the wall and i pass throuth it

Nice game

I liked it, but music is not my tase and for other (maby :P) could u make that u could chose some music? if yes good make it preety please :)


Kind of boring after a while, and the music's really bad (for my taste, but all this games have the same music so...). And the pause power appears always at the worst moment possible..

Not bad.

Damn that was kickin!

This game rocked my freakin socks off. The stages after the bosses are the best by far. 10/10 dude

love it

i liek the game but i get lagged so i have 0.5 fps so its kinda hard playing as blind