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i lvoed the music

this is awsome!!! i bet it took u along time cause it wuz perfect / barely off (i onli got 2 the 1st boss lol cause i suck at these kinda games but i loved the music!! great job make more plz

Great Rhythm

The only problem I can point out is that there is no way to lower Quality (or at least I haven't been able to find a way). It was fine until the second level, where I found myself having to cease fire just to have an idea wherethe enemies are, as when I shot, everything, well, lagged. I've been trying to aviod saying that, but yes there was lag. But i think a Quality control button - or anything of the sort - will be enough to remedy this situation. It's still a good game though!

Coolio-Niato responds:

Pressing P to pause, and changing quality there.

Nice game.

I HATE the whole geometry wars look to it... basically it just hurts my eyes. But the gameplay and music syncing made up for it. Good work man. Good work.


Ma,This Game is GOOD and I stopped playing because a Ad of a Pimp game came up iam going to close it.


so simple but so nice very addicting if you play it