Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

good game

other than it being a bit too hard as it moved too fast i loved the music and how when you heard a note in certain parts of the music enimies appeared i would love it even more if it was slower but in this one i still dodge and not kill


music was pumping, and very unique shooter. unfortunately i wasn't too good at it. But great job! I liked how to colours changed and there was a change in music ... the boss was very creative.

Very good.

I loved the music and the beat and how everything came together in the game.
I don't leave very many comments but I had to on this one please improve and dish out another one with even more great music.

Way to go!
Thanks for the fun


Really nice game, i like it even more now that i dont die as much. The beat in the game just didnt let me quit! Im on my second try now. By the way lag wasnt a problem for me

there was lag when i stopped dying

when i stopped dying there was a ton of lag, more lag than the first one nice game either way though

Coolio-Niato responds:

That's really wierd... but glad you liked it.