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a little too easy

its WAS the best rhythm game ive ever played yet it was a little too easy. the fact tht you get to get 3 more lives for ONLY 25,000 was the easy part. i mean if you lasted only like 20 secs you get 25,000 easy. you should make a game solely on the maneuver parts of the game. like the missions right after you beat the boss. those were the bomb.


Was allright..


whoop! this game is really fun, but you could have made it a bit easier.


You know, it really irritated me that you couldn't turn off the music...

Coolio-Niato responds:

No turning off music in a rhythm game >=).


This game was nice, i think that it was good how you made it so when you moved the ship, it readjusted to face forward, but it made it harder to shoot to the sides.