Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"

Packaged Nicely

I must say that I enjoyed the geometry wars taste of the game. I definitely enjoyed having infinite lives and really enjoyed having pretty much all of my favorites songs wrapped into one.

My only fret must be how bored I got. I know the amount of enemies, powerups, and levels were all indeed great. I just wanted something cooler than moving my ship around while holding the fire button. Now controlling two ships at once.... that would have been cool. Version 2, 2 ships =P


the only thing that annoyed me was those snakes and those bat type things cuz they would follow you every where and since i have a Mac it made it harder for me. next time try to make it work for macs

That was the best game i ever played

AWesome perfect


more and you'll get a 10 from me easy. I LOVE IT


First of all i must say "Screw reservoirjuggalo he needs to be banned"

The Game was decent and did everything it promised but the lack of other weapons made it damn near impossible to beat. In a way It rocked in another more relevant way it made the game not fun. The only real issue i hadf with the game was that you seem to like triangles and squares alot. Diversify your eneimies alittle more and you'll get a 10 from me easy.